The roles of security guards in a business

The primary role of the security guards is to safeguard a particular business premise. Their approach is proactive other than being reactive. Their roles can be summarized into reporting any crime that they witness, watching out for any looming danger, deterring crime, and preventing risks just but to mention a few. The objective of the security guards is, therefore, crime prevention. Visit for the critical roles that are played by the security guards. Let us look at some of the roles of security guards in business;




One of the roles of a security guard is being visible as this will help in deterring the criminals from committing crimes. Most criminals, muggers, shoplifters, and petty thieves will think twice before stealing from a premise that is guarded. So just by being seen is a great technique that prevents crime, theft of personal property, and even damage to someone’s health.

Responding quickly and correctly during calls

Another role of the security guards is responding rapidly and accurately to the distress calls made. It is critical to note that a security guard does not only sense crisis but also acts fast to control the situation. This, therefore, calls for the alertness of the security guard at all times to prevent him from being caught unawareness. The manner in which a security guard responds to the distress call also depends on the level of threat. There are dangerous situations which he may be required to seek help from the police force.

Being vigilant

A security guard is supposed to watch out for any strange thing that may cause damage to the company’s premises. This is the reason as to why it is required of them to be particular to senses like smell, hearing, and sight. Whenever a cable is burning, or gas is leaking, he should be able to detect the same and take appropriate actions. Similarly, when someone is trying to break into the business premise secretly, he should be able to detect the same and thwart the operation. He should also be in a position to see both near and far and quickly process what he sees.

Reporting and observing


A security guard is also required to make certain observations and report. For example, whenever he successfully averts an incident, whether it is minor or major, he should not relax and fail to take any further steps. He should continue observing so that the incidence does not happen again. All the incidence must always be reported to the supervisor for further appropriate actions to be taken.



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