Tips for cleaning natural stone surfaces


Natural stone surfaces can bring a luxury feel to any home. The ugly truth is that natural stone surfaces are unrivaled. Granite and marble are the two most prevalent types of natural stone surfaces because they are versatile and have luster. Similarly to other types of surfaces, natural stone surfaces can are delicate and will require some routine maintenance to make sure they serve you longer. The following pointers will help you to care for your natural stone surfaces before you consider calling a california natural stone cleaning company.

Keep away sharp cleaning tools

22bvkdhgjNatural stone floors are susceptible to scratches. Thus, for this reason, you should avoid using cleaning tools that are sharp. If you have furniture, its advisable to ensure that you place some soft pads under their feet to reduce your chances of scarring the floor. Make sure that your natural stone floors are kept clean frequently to prevent debris from damaging it.

Use hot water plus mild detergent

If you wish to clean your natural stone surfaces efficiently, then you should use hot water and a mind detergent to do the cleaning. Additionally, you should use a microfiber cloth if you are looking for excellent results. If you come across tough stains, then you should add a bit of ammonia to the water to make their removal a stroll in the park. Make sure that you use the ammonia moderately otherwise it might affect the shine that natural stone surfaces have.

Seal surfaces to reduce staining

Most natural stone surfaces are porous and absorb liquid that could stain it. For you to reduce the chances of staining, you should ensure that you seal your natural stone surfaces after cleaning. This will reduce the chances of staining to almost zero.

Mop frequently

Tiny dust particles and sand that might not be visible to the naked eye can and might scratch the surface of the natural stone and form wear patterns over time. You should use a dry mop to clean your natural stone surfaces once daily. Mopping is the best way to reduce scratches on the surface of your natural stone that might make it dull even after thorough cleaning. Make sure that you get rid of dust and debris with a vacuum or mop with a neutral cleaner each week.

33hhdbjdhgjIf you have tried all the pointers as mentioned above and your natural stone surfaces are not clean then you should consider chatting with a California natural stone restoration company after your polished finish gets dull, the sealer wears, grout starts to get dirty, and the soil becomes ingrained. Don’t stay for long without contacting a natural stone surface cleaning company because they will not only clean your floor but also give you advice that will help you maintain its shine.

In simple terms, taking care of a natural stone surface is like taking care of a vehicle. If you service it frequently, then you will enjoy having your stone surface longer. If you can remember to maintain your car according to the manufacturer’s requirements you can also not forget to service your natural stone surfaces.


Guide to buying bean bag chairs

Bean bag chairs are a great addition to any home. They are available in a range of style for different functions. From garden outdoor bean bags to indoor bean bags like gaming bean bags, chair designed bean bags, sofa bed bean bags, kids bean bags and many others that are available for one to purchase and offer comfort when as one sits. If one is looking to purchase a bean bag and get the best bean bag chair what do they look for. Below is a guide.

Buying bean bag chairs

Consider the fillers

One aspect that a person needs to consider as they purchase a bean is the type of filler that is in the bag. Contrary to what many people believe it not only beans that are used as fillers. Polystyrene beads are what are used, this are small, light and form to one’s body that brings a comfy feel and nest. These beads are fire-resistdbshjsjaakjajant and are made from recycled materials. Secondly, they can be made filled with polyurethane foam which is the same material used in memory foam mattresses but is smaller pieces, that end up creating a softer memory- foam effect. Both materials are hypo-allergenic, non-flammable and water resistant, which are important aspects for one to consider when buying.

Upholstery material

Another aspect that one needs to consider is the type of material that is used to make the bean bag. This will range from leather to drapery fabrics that are weight and stain resistant. The material needs to be of high quality to withstand wear and tear and be used for many years. Likewise, one needs to get a bean bag with a cover that is removable and washable. Not being able to remove the cover will limit the life of the bean bag and the chair may not serve you as long as you had hoped.

Consider the size

Considering the size of the bean bag is important. This will be guided by the height and weight of a person. This means the taller a person is, the bigger the bean bag should be. Ensure to measure the place where you want the bean bag to be placed to find the bag that will fit best.


skjsjksjssjksjFinally, consider the budget you have set aside to purchase the bag. Research and be aware of how much the bean bags cost as you plan to go an purchase one.